Your New Favorite Tobacco Blend Is at Piper's Haven

Your New Favorite Tobacco Blend Is at Piper's Haven

Purchase your pipes and tobacco today

Whether you want a Meerschaum pipe or a different blend of tobacco, you won't regret visiting Piper's Haven. We're only one of three tobacco shops in the Lafayette area and our shelves are filled with wood pipes, briar pipes and Meerschaum.

We also carry approximately 80 blends of tobacco you can pair with your pipe. If you need to stock up on tobacco or buy a new pipe, visit Piper's Haven as soon as possible.

Check out the wide selection at our premium cigar and tobacco shop right away.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority

A tobacco pipe should fit your style and needs perfectly. The experienced staff at Piper's Haven takes pride in helping you select a pipe you'll love. We're owned by one of 15 Certified Master Tobacconists in the U.S., and we're committed to finding your perfect stogie.

Besides pipes and tobacco blends, we also carry Dominican cigars, lighters, ash trays, humidors and pipe tools. Stop by Piper's Haven today for your cigars, accessories and more.